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Visit attractive villages in the countryside of Hue

Besides famous attractions such as the Imperial Citadel, emperor tombs, spiritual sites, Hue offers tourists a tranquil area of countryside with attractive villages. Exploring the countryside of Hue should be a good choice to get a unique glimpse into local life during your Hue travel.

Around 5 kilometers from the city center, Thuy Bieu village is located on the right bank of Huong River. While situated next to the modern and bustling city of Hue, the village itself remains a peaceful and ancient place. It is also well-known for its specialty - a kind of grapefruit named Thanh Tra which was given to the royal family in the past. When strolling around Thuy Bieu village, you can admire many constructions with  traditional architecture like Tiger Arena, ancient village hall, old temples and garden houses.

Being well-known for its unique Thanh Toan bridge, Thanh Thuy Chanh Village is also one of the most attractive villages that you should not skip out. You will not only admire the hundred-year old tiled bridge, but also get a chance to discover the rural area surrounding it.  You can ride a bike through paddy fields and learn about the daily life of locals by exploring market, enjoying tasty dishes, visiting agricultural museum, and more.

Thanh Tien village is the place where locals produced paper flowers, with techniques that had been passed down through generations for centuries. Paper flowers are often decorated and used in religious services and as offerings in traditional special occasions like Tet holiday. As travelling to the village, you will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience making your own paper lotuses under the instruction of skilled artisans, and bring them home as  special souvenirs.

Located not far away from Thanh Tien village, the Sinh village is known for its wrestling tradition, and specially traditional folk painting. They are usually used during Tet Holiday for ancestor worship. You can visit the village's family homes and get a chance to meet the craftsmen and see the method of creating folk painting using their age-old methods, and from that to know more about the worship culture of Vietnam in general and Hue in specific.

Over 500-year-old village of Phuoc Tich is located about 40 kilometers from Hue city center. Famous for the quality of ceramic products, Phuoc Tich pottery was used in the kitchen ware for the royal family in the past. Nowadays, the village’s products are popular in the daily life of Hue people and in many Hue festivals. Phuoc Tich village not only retains the tradition of making pottery, but also offers visitors the scenic landscapes of  a peaceful river, old trees and ancient houses. 

With those suggestions on Hue travel, you will have more than an idea for your time in Hue, especially to those who love to escape from the bustling city and rejoice the peaceful countryside.

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