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Hue Traditional Festivals

Hon Chen Temple Festival


- The festival takes place twice a year - in the third Lunar month for the Spring ritual ceremony, and in the seventh Lunar month for the more formal Autumn one. The ceremonies are organized on Ngoc Tran Mountain and Hai Cat Village Temple. Hon Chen Temple festival is to honor the Holy Mother Thien Y A Na. In Champa religion, the Holy Mother created the earth, tree, forest…and taught the villagers how to plant and cultivate. 

- Hon Chen Temple Festival is one of the biggestfestivals in Hue. With many fascinating rituals,this festival createsa sacred religious atmosphere in romantic and charmingsceneryto attract thousands of visitors attending.

Thai Duong Ha Festival Of Praying For Fish

- This is the festival of Phong Dien District’s people, organized on the 12th of the first month in lunar calendar to commemorate the God (Tutelary Genie) of the village called Truong Quy Cong (Truong Thieu), who was Thanh Hoa people, came to the village to settle, taught the villagers how to fish and trade junks. The festival is sumptuously organized every three years with a lot of performances representing sea-fishing activitiessuch as the "fish catching" game and "net-casting" game. It may be mentioned here that the "net-casting" act is a form of amusement which is accompanied by rituals to honor the merits of the village spirit.This Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Hue and Vietnam.

Gia Lac Spring Fair 

- Located on Nam Pho village, Gia Lac market was founded under Minh Mang reign (1820-1840). Initially the usage of the market was confined to the royal family for exchanging goods and for entertainment. However, with the passing of time the activities of the market attracted people in the neighborhood to join in the trade, enlivening it with popular amusements. Therefore, Gia Lac soon became a form of spring fair on occasions of Tet holidays. Market held on the first day to the 3rd dayof the lunar New Year. Market sold all kinds of local products in this region. Both buyers and sellers spoke politely incheerful atmosphere. There were no scenes of noisy bargain or quarrelling. The actions of everyone were the expression of Hue culture. During these days the market transforms into an entertainment place with such games and amusement as "Bai Choi", "Bai Thai", "Bai Ghe". 

Sinh Village’s Wrestling Festival

- The wrestling festival is organized in the village of Lai An, also known as Sinh, in Phu Mau Commune, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien Hue Province on the 10th of the first month in lunar calendar. The festival not only attracts wrestlers to compete for championship but also thousands of young men and women flocking to observe as well as encourage the wrestlers, which creates a very delightful and animated sight.

This festival is to honor the sporting spirit the Hue people during the centuries.

Boat Race Festival

- Boat race festival was originated from praying for rain of farmers and then it is related to praying for peace and for abundant growth of fishof many people incoastal areas in Vietnam.

- In Hue, under Nguyen Dynasty, boat race was usually held on important occasions. Today,it was maintained and organized on the Perfume River in Pavilion of edicts (Phu Van Lau) on the major cultural events.Before the race, all contestants attend a worshiping ceremony, offering incense.  The burning incense ritual was carried out very solemnly. In the race, the participants still must comply with strict regulations. Boat race has always attracted many people to compete, observe as well as encourage because of its attracting.

Kite - Flying Festival

- Kite-Flying is a popular folk activity in Hue. Not only the lower-class families’ children but also the upper-class people are attracted by kites of various colors and shapes.

- On festival days or event days, people flock to fly their kites. The kites are strongly carried by winds, hover freely in the clear blue sky of Hue. They bring to the people the feeling of freedom and floating, dispel all their tiredness.There are more than 30 different kinds of kites made from the talented hands of artists.

Festival Hue

- Hue Festival is a big cultural event of Hue City that is held every two years. There is a week (usually in summer, in April, May or June) for each festival season which is the occasion to honor cultural and historical values of that Vietnam's former capital city. The festival also creates opportunities for local and foreign tourists to know, to discover new travel products in Hue city - a World Heritage city! First Hue Festival took place in 2000.

- Festival Hue takes place with different themes. For example, Festival Hue 2002 with the theme “Discovering the lifestyle of Hue people”, Festival Hue 2004 with the theme “Cultural heritage with integration and development”, Festival Hue 2006 with the theme “700 years of the land of Thuan Hoa – Phu Xuan – Thua Thien Hue, Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development”, Festival Hue 2008 with the theme “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development”… Festival Hue attracts many organizations and arts groups in other countries participating. This eventaims to promote the value of heritageand improve the quality of Thua Thien Hue tourism. And this goal is becoming a reality.