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Reveal The Pristine Island At Lang Co Beach

Beside the historic sights and cultural interest, the heart of Vietnam is also famous for a wide and scenic stretches of coastline. On the way from Hue to Hoi An by car, you cannot forget to think about Lang Co Beach, the beautiful beach with magnificent natural landscapes surrounded by mountains, tropical jungles, and the boundless blue sea. But it's little known that inside Lang Co Beach area, there lives a majestically captivating “Pearl Island” – Son Cha where exists a series of wild species and flora.

Located at the foot of Hai Van Mount and in the middle of Lang Co Beach, Pearl Island is a untouched island with with marvelous scenery of bright jade water, golden sand that create the explorer’s excitement and thrills with surprise because of its radiant beauty. Despite of only 1.5 square kilometres, Pearl Island has a biodiversity not less inferior to any famous sea throughout Vietnam. In total there are 144 species of coral, 135 species of seaweed, 162 fish species and numerous seafood of values. All have created a diverse marine ecosystem. The colour of coral reefs and of hundreds of species of fish, sea anemones and sea creatures create a colourful picture of an amazing underwater world.

To visit Pearl Island, you have to take around 35 minutes speed boat (canoe) through two stops. The first break is at Bai Chuoi (Banana Beach) where you can spend time to relax and go swimming, enjoy the sound of nature and get amazing feeling of your own peace on the golden sand curving around the sparkling blue sea water. Especially, you not only hear the sound of the waves and catch the cool wind from the sea, but also can see an exciting sight of the North-South train steering around the majestic mountain ridges while swimming in the water. The next stop is a reef near the shore for snorkeling. This is a wonderful way to peek into the underwater world and discover its beauty. You will be surprised at the variety and diversity of the marine life and the wildness of the coral system here.

Coming here, you are not only emerge yourself into the nature but also have chance to catch the fresh seafood and prepare your own meals from your achivements, a very excited experience once you get here. In addition, there are plenty of attractive water sports such as Jet ski and pulling banana-tree rafts for you to choose as your optional activities here.

The best time to visit the island is from Mar to July with the cool climate and sunshine, the average temperature at this period is from 22 to 27 degree C.

For those who have the heartfelt love for the marine life and love dipping toes in the ocean, “Pearl Island” – Son Cha will be a great choice to discover the rare charm wild and splendid nature. And if you plan to visit this island on the way from Hue to Hoi An by car, don’t forget to start from early morning so that you can have enough time to spend here. Remember that the speed boat will depart and return in the set time and will not wait for you, so be in time.

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