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Top Ideal Things To Do For Hue Nightlife

Being an ancient capital of Vietnam, Hue is well known for its rich culture, amazing architectures and the long history. This is one of the few cities in Vietnam that has a peaceful and slow living pace. There is no doubt that spending one day for Hue city tour is a highlight of your trip when visiting this imperial city. However, Hue has more than just old citadels and tombs to offer! The charming town becomes awaken with plenty of fun activities at night after the sun sets. What Hue local residents do at night? Let’s join us to discover the top ideal things to do for Hue nightlife!

The first activity should be recommended is hanging out at Hue ironwood pedestrian bridge on the southern banks of the Perfume River. This is the newest and most famous bridge in Hue with modern design and decoration. The main material of this bridge is high quality South African ironwood. It was put into operation on January 15th 2019 with a total area of 2,443 meter square. To beautify the view of pedestrian street, the bridge is decorated with more flower beds and pot plants creating a green peaceful space along the riverside corridor. During the day, the balustrades gleam a strangely beautiful yellow under the bright sunlight of the central region creating a beautiful view that considered as "golden bridge" in Hue. At nightime, under the neon lights and the eye-catching meticulous lighting system, the bridge brings unique artistic landscape and relaxation space for local people here. That is the reason why it's become a favorite spot to admire the full romantic and alluring view of Huong River as well as the whole charming city.

For a long time, Hue is famous for traditional music, especially Hue folk songs which is recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage. Once visiting Hue without enjoying Hue folk songs is an omission. Hue folk songs have strict structures and must accompany with Various traditional instruments such as the 16-string zither, two-string zither, monochord, flute. To perform Hue folk songs show, the singers need to have delicate skills in singing and playing instruments that creating the characteristics of Hue people. You will feel the soul of the Hue locals when sitting on the night dragon boat and enjoying this delicate art performance. Especially you will be interested in droping the colorful paper lanterns on Perfume River and take a wish. This is considered to bring you good luck and happiness.

Landing at a new destination, we can’t deny that local street food is always a hot topic for all the food hunters. You can find various streetfood options on the way surrounding pedestrian bridge at night, even street foods stalls or the local street food restaurants. Some of them should be mentioned here are Hue bread, Hue beef noodle, Hue pancake and lemongrass skewer, Hue sweet soup.In case that you still don’t come up with your idea yet, just ask your hotel receptionist or your travel agency assistant for help because it’s very easy to find out.

The last important activity that we want to suggest is watching amazing “Ao dai” show. In Vietnam, you can’t find any place where has charming ladies in “Ao dai” which fully reflects the elegance and grace of women than Hue city. This is because Hue is the ancient imperial city of Vietnam. Through history with many styles of imperial costumes, “Ao dai” has become traditional dress and also national dress in Vietnam. Over the years, although there are many differences in materials and designs of the “Ao dai”, Hue women always have a great passion for their traditional “Ao dai”. They wear “Ao dai” at most of important events and place: on Lunar new year days, at pagoda, offices or wedding day. Female high school students also even required to wear “Ao dai” as school uniform. The dress will be carefully choosen depeding on each wearing place and purpose such as bright colours with colorful patterns on the festival days or dark colours and hidden designs on at worship and ritual ceremonies. Hue women like to wear the purple “Ao dai” and become this colour becomes the symbol of Hue people. Because of its beauty and cultural values, the traditional “Ao dai” of Hue has become a topic for many fashion designers to explore. Take part in “Ao dai” night show, you will have chance to  admire on your own eyes the beauty of this national dress with the unique design which fit perfectly in the perfect S-shaped curve of Vietnamese girl's, this will not absolutely make you disappointed.

With all these suggestions for Hue nightlife activities, we hope that you can have your own idea of what to do and where to go when the sun goes down in Hue. Don’t hesitate to contact with Eco Nature Travel for the best advices for not only Hue city tour at day time but also Hue night time for the most wonderful experiences in Hue.

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