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Thien Mu Pagoda

- Thien Mu Pagoda is one of the oldest and prettiest religious buildings in Hue. The pagoda is located on Ha Khe hill, on the left bank of the Perfume River, 5km westwards from center of Hue City.

- The pagoda was built in the early 17th century and was originated from a legend old woman in red cloth. So, Thien Mu pagoda is also known by another name: Heavenly Lady Pagoda. This pagoda has the same architecture as other pagodas in Vietnam. However, Phuoc Duyen Tower is the special architecture pattern of Thien Mu Pagoda. This octagonal tower is 21m high, has seven floors, each of which worships one statue of Buddha while the top worships three statues of  Buddha.

- The big bell of Thien Mu Pagoda is called Dai Hong Chung, it is famous for the great size 2,5m high, 1,4diameters, 3.285kg weigh. It is considered to be an outstanding achievement of 18th century bronze casting.

 - A pavilion containing the stone stele of Thien Mu Pagda was built in 1715. The stone stele is 2,6m high, 1,2m wide and is set on the back of a massive marble turtle, a symbol of longevity.

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