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Noon Gate

- Noon Gate is the main entrance to the Imperial City. It is a huge U-shaped construction, 58m long, 27,5m wide, 17m high and has 3 floors.

- There are five entrances; the main one was only used for the Emperor, about 5m high, 4m wide. The two side-entrances, the Left and Right Gates, were for civil and military mandarins. Inside the branches of the U, are two more gates used by soldiers, elephants, and horses on the royal procession. The upper part is the Ngu Phung Pavilion (Pavilion of Five Phoenixes) in the middle where the Emperor sat on festive occasions.

- Noon Gate was also the site where other important ceremonies took place such as: Ceremony of Proclamation of Doctor Lists (successful candidates in the national examination), Calendar Offering Day…

- During the Nguyen Dynasty, Noon Gate was only open to reserve the Emperor and just open on the Ambassador Interview Ceremony.

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