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Mineral Stream Of My An

- My An is located in Phu Duong Commune, Phu Vang District, 7km east of Hue, on the way to Thuan An Beach.

- In June 1979, geological and meteorological expedition No.79 discovered this natural stream. After multiple scientific studies and experiments, the project “Studying medical qualities of the mineral stream in My An” came to the conclusion that the mineral water in My An includes every micro-element necessary for the human body. This stream can be compared to various well-known mineral streams, such as Koundour (former Soviet Union) or PavelBanis (Bulgaria).

- Tests concerning the medicinal value of the mineral water have had positive results. The water of this stream can be used to successfully treat several skin and venereal diseases, rheumatism, digestion, mental, respiratory and other chronic diseases.

- At present, many local and foreign patients come to My An for self-treatment. Huong Giang Tourist Company and related administrative bodies of Thua Thien - Hue have begun to take advantage of this mineral source by developing what will be the first tourist resort in Central Vietnam to focus on medical treatment by mineral water.

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